About The Cedar Mill

The Cedar Mill is a Direct Mill Outlet with Four Generations of Exceptional Fence Manufacturing.

The Cedar Mill is a company that builds the best fences on the market using methods and techniques first developed generations ago. The company has survived and excelled solely on the ability to build fences better than anyone else.

A high-quality fence is a beautiful addition to any property. We specialize in designing, milling, and installing great fences – we’ve been doing this for generations.

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You’ve probably seen Cedar Mill fences when driving around town. You might have thought that’s a nice fence, or I was I had a fence like that.

Nice. Have you ever wondered how the fence is actually made? I mean beyond the fact that the wood came from a tree.

We recently opened a new Milling facility where we can bring all our fence creations to life. This is why our fences are different we aren’t simply ordering from a bulk supplier and slapping them together we are milling our own product.

How about some facts about our milling operations:

  • Total square footage of the mill: (???)
  • Number of dogs working at the mill: (???)
  • Number of fences we have milled: at least: (???)
  • Number of custom milling machines: Shh,,,that’s our secret