About The Cedar Mill

The Cedar Mill is a Direct Mill Outlet with Four Generations of Exceptional Fence Manufacturing.

The Cedar Mill is a company that builds the best fences on the market using methods and techniques first developed generations ago. The company has survived and excelled solely on the ability to build fences better than anyone else.

A high-quality fence is a beautiful addition to any property. We specialize in designing, milling, and installing great fences – we’ve been doing this for generations.

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In 1975, The Cedar Mill was opened and joined the rich history of fence companies started by Grandpa Joe Keefe. The original fence company was started in 1946 on the south side of Chicago at the end of WWII. After a few years, Grandpa Joe moved his business to Harvey, IL. The growing demand for fencing in the Chicagoland marketplace moved his production facility to the southwest suburbs of Tinley Park, IL. This location allowed Grandpa Joe to begin molding his company to grow and prosper in the fence business. He introduced different styles of fence patterns and unique ways of construction, many of which still remain the building blocks in fencing today. He was truly a visionary and pioneer of the fence industry. He passed away at the young age of 60, leaving behind his loving wife, Evelyn, and their ten children. She in turn gave the company to her children so they could continue in the family business. The lessons taught by Grandpa Joe were well learned and put to use.

One of the brothers, James Keefe Sr. managed the company after Grandpa Joe’s passing. He took the company with the goal of taking it to the next level and created the foundation for a new company - The Cedar Mill. He wanted to stay true to Grandpa Joe’s values and innovations. James wanted to use the top techniques in the industry and provide people with the best fencing possible. Today, The Cedar Mill is known for its high quality heart cut white cedar. We also are one of the only companies to have our standard fence consist of true 5x5 posts and mortise- and-tenon construction. These were Grandpa Joe’s specialties and we continue to honor them. The company has changed since its creation in 1946, but the heart of the company remains the same. The Cedar Mill has the goal of carrying on the dream and legacy of Grandpa Joe Keefe to use the collective knowledge and experience of the company’s rich history to build quality custom fences and to continually succeed in the fence business. At this point, we have built too many fences to count and many of our original fences are still standing. This speaks to the methods, the quality of the materials, and the pride placed in building great fences. The lessons of family unity, pride in workmanship, belief in God, fair value, and the concept of team were the cornerstone beliefs and practices of Joe Keefe. The Cedar Mill is part of that 3rd generation of fence builders that is inspired to carry on those values and traditions as set forth by Grandpa Joe. Just recently, The Cedar Mill has become a 4th generation company. The current owner of The Cedar Mill is Mike Keefe, the oldest of James Keefe’s sons. His children are the 4th generation and have taken over some of the sales and managerial positions. Grandpa Joe’s simple formula for “Success in life” lives on and we are committed not to change that. We are very proud of the heritage and rich history that he has left us. It is our commitment at The Cedar Mill to continue in the family tradition of fence building and leave something for our children and the next generation to be proud of.